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Malvan is located in the lap of Arabian Sea, in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra State of India. Due to its beautiful beaches, tranquil backwaters, historic fort and exciting water sports it has emerged as one of the favorite holiday destinations.

Apart from beaches, Malvan is famous for the Malvani cuisine, especially for seafood, and Sindhudurg Fort. It was built by Shivaji Maharaj in 16th Century. The main object was to counter rising influence of foreign colonizers (The English, Dutch, French and Portuguese merchants) and to curb the rise of Siddis of Janjira. It can be reached by taking a ferry ride from Malvan Beach.

For stay at Malvan / Tarkarli, there are a number of hotel, resort and homestay options. If you manage to make your bookings in advance then MTDC Trarkarli Beach Resort is also a very good option.

Sightseeing / Activities to do in Malvan:

  • Sindhudurg Fort
  • Malvan Beach
  • Tarkarli Beach
  • Tsunami Island
  • Nivati (Nivti/Nyoti) Beach
  • Chivla Beach
  • Devbagh Beach
  • Bhogwe Beach
  • Rock Garden
  • Dolphin watch ride (Though you can watch them only if you are lucky, no guaranty)
  • Water sports (Most favorite Parasailing and Scuba dive)

How to reach:
Kudal is the nearest railway station for Malvan. Being on the Konkan railway route, many trains running from/via Mumbai connects to Kudal. From Pune, there are not many train options, however it is easier to go to Panvel station and catch a train from there.

Malvan can also be reached by MSRTC buses, however options for direct Malvan buses are very limited. Kudal, being on Goa route, has many bus options from MSRTC and private bus operators.

From Kudal, one can easily get an auto/ST bus to reach Malvan. Although it is around 25-30 kms away, it can easily take up to 45-50 minutes, due to bad road and ghat sections.

My Verdict:
A decent place for every one – relaxing family trip, romantic couple trip, history lover trip or adventurous trip. It is a cheaper alternative for Goa.

Best time to visit:
Winter time is the best time to visit any Indian beaches on the Western Cost, Malvan is no different. Although Oct-Feb is the best time to visit Malvan, it can be visited during summer as well, if you are not worried of tanning. It should be avoided during Monsoon season.

Places around:
Devbaug, Malvan, Tarkarli, Ratnagiri, Goa

This place on map:

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Pune Getaways

# Destination Distance from Pune (Wakad/Hinjewadi) Category 1D/2D/3D Details
1 Lonavala, Khandala ~ 40km, 1.5 hr Hill Station 1 Day
2 Sinhgad Fort ~ 40km, 1.5 hr Fort, Trekking 1 Day
3 Lohgad Fort ~ 40km, 1.5 hr Fort, Trekking 1 Day
4 Tung Fort ~ 40km, 1.5 hr Fort, Trekking 1 Day
5 Tikona Fort ~ 40km, 1.5 hr Fort, Trekking 1 Day
6 Visapur Fort ~ 40km, 1.5 hr Fort, Trekking 1 Day
7 Pavna Dam ~ 40km, 1.5 hr Dam 1 Day
8Neelkantheshwar Temple ~ 40km, 1.5 hr Pilgrimage, Hill View Point 1 Day
9 Balaji Temple, Narayanpur ~ 40km, 1.5 hr Pilgrimage 1 Day
10 Fort Jadhavgadh ~ 40km, 1.5 hr Heritage Hotel 1 Day
11 Katraj Zoo and Snake Park ~ 25km, 1.5 hr Zoo, Snake Park, For Kids 1 Day
12 Lavasa ~ 60km, 1.5 hr Hill Station 1 Day
13 Mulshi ~ 60km, 1.5 hr Ghat, Waterfall, Dam 1 Day
14 Rajgad Fort ~ 60km, 1.5 hr Fort, Trekking 1 Day
15 Torna Fort ~ 60km, 1.5 hr Fort, Trekking 1 Day
16 Madhe Ghat ~ 70km, 2 hr Ghat, Waterfall, Hill Station 1 Day Details Here
17 Shirdi, Shani Shinganapur ~ 250km, 6 hr Pilgrimage 1 Day
18 Goradeshwar Temple ~ 25km, 0.75 hr Pilgrimage, Hill View Point 1 Day Details Here
19 Bhandardara ~ 140km, 4 hr Hill Station, Dam, Waterfall, Trekking 1 Day
20 Matheran ~ 130km, 3.5 hr Hill Station, Toy Train 1 Day
21 Bhimashankar ~ 130km, 3.5 hr Pilgrimage 1 Day
22 Malshej Ghat ~ 130km, 3.5 hr Ghat, Waterfall 1 Day Details Here
23 Gowardhan Dairy ~ 130km, 3.5 hr Agri Tourism, Dairy Tour 1 Day
24 Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar ~ 140km, 4 hr Hill Station 1 Day - Very hectic, 2 /3 Days - Leisure stay
25 Malvan, Tarkarli Beach, Fort 2/3 Days Details Here

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat is equidistant from Mumbai and Pune, which attracts a lot of weekend breakers from both these cities. It is around 4hour drive from Pune.

Route: Pune > Chakan > Rajgurunagar > Narayangaon > Junnar > Malshej Ghat

We started our journey at around 7 am from Pune. Our first stop was Shivneri Fort, the birth place of Chhatrapati Shivaji. After a bit of hiking and roaming around the fort, we resumed our journey to Malshej Ghat. There are a couple of famous Ganesh (Ganpati) temples around Shivneri, one of the Ashtavinayaka temples. So based on your priorities and the available time, you can take diversions to include them.

By the time we reached Malshej ghat it was almost noon time. The view from the ghat was breath taking. On one side there were numerous waterfalls and on the other side it was a lush green valley. There are a couple of big waterfalls, which attracts most of the tourists. However we ignored them and went to a smaller one. It was kind of a private waterfall for us :). I would recommend you to do the same, just go across the entire patch and check out all the waterfalls. Then you can pick one of the less crowded one for you. Sitting beneath the waterfall for ten minutes, not only rejuvenates your body but your soul also feels the freshness.

 Changing rooms (temporary hut type) are available near the big waterfalls. They charge around 20-40 Rs per person to let you use the rooms for changing the wet cloths. After changing we walked around the place for a while and had the Makai Bhutta (corn), best to have in rains at such a place. Please be careful while walking on the road there, it is a state highway and it is being used by many privet and public transport vehicles.
After spending some quality time at Malshej Ghat, we decided to start our return journey. On the way back we stopped at a couple of places to enjoy the view. Lush green hills, open fields and clouds – it was no less than the DDLJ shooting places. We did some photography there and resumed our backward journey to Pune.

MTDC has a resort at Malshej Ghat. It is located on a perfect location, just on the edge of a valley. The view from the resort is amazing and in the monsoon, due to clouds, you will feel like heaven. Obviously being the only place to stay at Malshej Ghat, this place is booked well in advanced in monsoon season. So if you are planning for a night stay then, making advance booking is highly recommended.

For trekkers, it has one of the best trekking destination around Pune – Harishchandragad. There are a couple of ways to go at the peak. One day trek would be little exhausting and would need great endurance. Instead, most of the people prefer night stay at the peak. You need to do your own arrangement for night stay there. You could sleep in the temple area.

My Verdict:
A perfect monsoon getaway from Pune or Mumbai. It is an ideal one day trip destination, overnight stay would also be a great experience as well. The drive is nice, includes ghats, villages, waterfalls, lush green hills and valleys. A must visit place for nature lover, trekkers and photographers.

Best time to visit:
Monsoon (Jul-Sep) is the best time to visit this place. For trekking however, best time is Oct-Dec. Trekking in monsoon is extremely risky.

Places around:
Shivneri Fort, Bhimashankar Temple, Bhimashankar Sanctuary, Harishchandragad, Buddhist caves


  • Carry some snacks with you if you can’t stay hungry for a long time. There is a high chance that you don’t get anything to eat for at least 3-4 hours.
  • Seal pack your electronic items and wallets, even if it is not raining. The weather could change quickly there.
  • Advance booking is must, in case you are planning to stay overnight
  • For trekking at Harishchandragad, do some research and be prepared for cold night stay
  • Keep the place clean

This place on map:

One day Trip, Monsoon Drive, Water Fall, Pune Getaways, Mumbai Getaways

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Madhe Ghat Waterfall

Madhe Ghat is located around 70 km from Pune in the Raigad district, near Torna Fort. This place is not much explored like Tamhini Ghat or the other ghats around Pune. However many people have started visiting it in last few years and the places around are getting developed at rapid pace.

There are a couple ways to approach Madhe Ghat:

1) Via Khadakwasla Dam:  Pune > Khadakwasla > Sinhagad (Base bypass) > Pabe Ghat > Donje Phata > Khanapur > Velhe > Madhe Ghat

2) Via NH4: Pune > NH4 (towards Satara) > Nasrapur (bypass) > Velhe > Kelaad > Madhe Ghat

We took the first route while going to Madhe Ghat and took the other route while returning, completing the loop. The route via Khadakwasla is more scenic and less crowded.

Just after crossing the Sinhgad base, we took left towards Pebe Ghat. It was a lovely photographic ghat with lots of small villages on the way. After few ups and downs and zigzags, we kind of reached a peak. The view from the peak was just amazing. There was a small Tapri for Tea and some limited snacks. We had something there to fill our empty stomachs and started hiking around that place. All of a sudden the weather changed and it became cloudy.  We kept on hiking for around 30 mins and then decided to go back to resume our journey to Madhe ghat. The trail was really inviting and for a moment I thought of dropping the original plan to just keep on walking till the end. Anyways from there we continued our zigzag journey, mostly downhill. Finally we took right turn towards Madhe ghat. Don’t forget to ask locals, if you miss the signboard or fill that you are kind of lost :).

The parking space at the Madhe ghat was bit clumsy and people parking in haphazard manner made it all the more frustrating. From there it is a muddy road, of around one km, to reach the top of the fall. On the way we crossed multiple water streams. It was totally misty and little showery, it was a real fun though. Soon we reached the source of the water fall. Just before falling, all the water streams merges into a gigantic waterfall, falling from a plateau. The plateau gives a spectacular view of the hills and valleys around. We could walk till the edge of the fall and see the beginning of the fall. In fact there was a group doing rappelling there. That could have been a lifelong memory, but we didn’t know about it so hadn’t planned for it. So checkout on net for your rappelling arrangements, if you are more of adventure type.

From the top, I could see a beautiful trail near the bottom of the fall. I also saw few people walking there and also figured out a way to go there. But the cloud and mist reduced the visibility to a couple of feet, so we decided not to go there. Visibility was a serious problem that day, in one moment we could see the spectacular waterfall and in the next moment we could see nothing at all. It was just mystic!! 

My Verdict:

A perfect monsoon getaway from Pune, ideal for a one day trip. The drive is a perfect combination of ghat, rivers, waterfalls, lush green hills and valleys. A must visit place for nature lover and photographers. 

Best time to visit:

Monsoon (Jul-Sep) is the best time to visit this place. 

Places around:

Torna Fort, Rajgad Fort, Sinhgad Fort, Khadakwasla 

  • Carry some snacks with you if you can’t stay hungry for a long time. There is a high chance that you don’t get anything to eat for at least 3-4 hours.
  • Seal pack your electronic items and wallets, even if it is not raining. The weather could change quickly there.
  • Keep the place clean

This place on map:


One day Trip, Monsoon Drive, Water Fall, Pune Getaways